Cake Menu

Classic Victoria

Delicate layers of moist vanilla-bean sponge with lashings of fluffy whipped butter cream and strawberry preserve.

Vanilla & Chocolate Cosmopolitan

Our signature cake with 3 individual layers of vanilla, choc chip and chocolate sponge interlaced with Italian vanilla-bean cream and Belgian chocolate mousse.

Belgian Chocolate

Deluxe triple chocolate dream. A light chocolate sponge smothered with indulgent dark chocolate ganache and filled with chocolate crème mousse.

Red Velvet

Smooth and airy chocolate cocoa sponge with deep red beetroot colouring, finished with a scrumptious sweetened cream cheese filling.

Lemon & Poppy Seed

Lemon infused sponge cake, dotted with poppy seeds and sandwiched together with a zingy lemon-curd mousse.

Caramel Heaven

Luscious vanilla sponge cake interspersed with swirls of caramel sauce and sprinkled with sea salt.

Fresh Banana Dream

Fresh bananas blended in our “all butter” vanilla sponge, layered with patisserie custard and flavoured with real banana pieces.


Lip-smacking whirls of vanilla-bean crème liberally piped in between each layer of irresistible melt in-the-mouth sponge.


Golden sponge bonded with the distinct flavours of melted butter and caramelised brown sugar.

Raspberry Ripple

Soft springy choc chip sponge assembled with silky white chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries rippling throughout.

 Coffee & Walnut

Alternate layers of Chocolate Espresso and Chocolate Walnut sponge combined together with Mocha Mousse.


A sumptuous Italian favourite merging the bold flavours of cocoa and espresso sponge, sweetened with mascarpone cheese filling and dusted dark cocoa.

Fantastic Fig

Cocoa flavoured sponge stacked with plump fruity figs and encased in a white chocolate cream.

Coconut Paradise

A bounty of toasted coconut folded in to a moist sponge, amidst a concoction of dark and white chocolate crème.

Orange Bliss

A delectable meld of orange candied peel sponge and indulgent chocolate orange crème. .

Key Lime

A mouth-watering fusion of lime syrup sponge cake, complete with a sweet lime flavoured mousse.

 Black Forest

Decadent dark chocolate sponge generously laced with dark morello cherries and smooth thick compote, complemented by light fluffy chocolate mousse.

Carrot Cake

A fragrant cake with a hint of cinnamon, freshly grated carrots and crushed walnuts, finished with luxurious sweetened cream cheese & mascarpone filling.

Dark Chocolate & Pear

Combination of a silky smooth dark chocolate ganache and sweet pear compote.

Meringue Medley

A crisp chocolate coated meringue arranged between fluffy layers of sponge with a filling of your choice.

Traditional Fruit Cake

Mixed raisins, sultanas & currants with a scattering of glace cherries, matured for a rich moist texture.  Can be rummed (alcohol) if required.